Stylish Cigarette Cases for Smokers

The types of cigarette cases are as diverse as the types of smokers. A quick search for cigarette cases at online vendors such as Amazon shows most cases are functional and simple in nature—that is, no designs or artwork on them. The cigarette cases will be looking here are for the traditional tobacco cigarette and not the e cigarette uk. However, more stylish cases exist for the adventurous smoker.

A Google search for “cigarette cases” yields a number of styles and retailers. Some cases have added features, such as hooks for car keys. A few retailers play to gender roles by offering cases tailored for both men and women. Stylish cases aimed at women feature crocodile patterns, and are colored pink. Cases aimed specifically at men can be made of either leather or stainless steel.

An artistically-inclined few have designed more colorful cases for smokers. Retro designs are popular as well. Indeed, some merchants, such as Retro Go-Go devote sections of their website to selling retro cigarette cases. Designs on these cases include 1950′s pin-up girl Bettie Page, posters for vintage science fiction and horror movies, classic magazine covers and pictures of antique automobiles. Other popular artistic designs include feature logos for comic book characters, bands and corporations.

cigarette_case-electronic-caseThere are a few factors to keep in mind when searching for the right stylish cigarette case. The first, and most obvious, is price. Most online retailers charge anywhere from 25 to 30 US dollars for a stylish case. The more simple designs retail for much less—usually 10 to 15 US dollars. The second factor to keep in mind is the cigarettes’ size, as there are many different sizes, ranging from kings to 100s to 120s. Cases are designed for different sizes. The simple cases accommodate these differences, but the retro cases do not come in a variety of sizes. There are also cases specifically for electronic cigarettes. The final factor to consider is where to purchase the case. Amazon sells cigarette cases at discounted prices, but most are of a simple nature, with no stylish designs; however, the cases they do sell with designs are offered at the same discounted price. Specialty retailers exist, yet charge much higher prices.

There are many kinds of smokers in the world, each with their own preferences and styles. Enterprising companies, aware of this, have created a plethora of designs and styles as diverse as the types of smokers. Online retailers are aware of this too, and devote sections of their websites to these products.